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Fine-Tune Your Sleep Routine

Days after Daylight Savings it can feel like your body is weighted to your bed. Your brain is a little fuzzier than normal and everything takes just a little longer to click. If you’ve ever found yourself drifting off to sleep in the middle of a meditation practice, you already know that mindfulness can help you fall asleep. So, as we ready ourselves to launch into Spring, try these mindfulness practices to fine-tune your sleep routine so you can get the best sleep possible.

1) Refine your pre-bedtime. At night, we often want just a little more time for ourselves. But spending that time watching TV in bed, or scrolling through our phones in the dark can prevent us from truly relaxing, and letting ourselves drift off to sleep. Try this pre-bedtime routine in order to wind down with quality you-time.

2) Move before you sleep. Relax both the body and mind by stretching out tight muscles before you hit the hay—preliminary studies show that doing so may even result in a better quality of sleep overall. Follow this mindful movement exercise to get to sleep more comfortably, so you’re not tossing and turning.

3) Connect to your breath from under your sheets. We’ve all had those nights where it seem like the harder we try to fall asleep, the more difficult it is to do so. Practicing meditation from your bed can help you let go of stubborn thoughts, so you can settle the mind and finally get some rest. Try this guided meditation to ease into sleep, right from the comfort of your bed.

Here’s hoping you all find moments to enjoy being mindful this week.


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