This brain science can make you happier

Do you ever get stuck in a negative thought loop? Or have a bad experience that keeps playing on repeat in your mind? We’ve all been there. 🙋

In this post, Marie Forleo speaks with someone who’s completely transformed the way I handle negativity: Dr. Rick Hanson.  Rick Hanson is a psychologist and expert in positive neuroplasticity. He’s spoken to audiences all over the world including Oxford, Stanford, Harvard, and NASA.

His most recent book, “Resilient,” is no exception. In it, Rick provides science-backed methods you can use to grow an unshakeable inner core of strength, calm, and happiness.

Give it a watch to learn how to:
  • Turn fleeting feelings of confidence and calm into your permanent character makeup.
  • Stop treating past trauma like it’s your destiny.
  • Give your brain the ultimate multivitamin.
  • Combat your brain’s natural negativity bias.
  • See every experience as a learning opportunity.


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