Callie's Peach Basil Jam
Callie's Peach Basil Jam

Callie's Peach Basil Jam

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If you’ve ever been to Charleston and you haven’t visited Callie’s Biscuits, you are missing out! This little lady makes one hot little biscuit! Since 2005, Callie’s Biscuit’s has been bringing people some of the most delicious biscuits and treats in the lowcountry! Melt in your mouth amazing! 

This jam goes great on toast, your favorite cracker, english muffins, or your very own biscuit. By the way, you can buy some great biscuit mix right here

Peach Basil Jam - Callie’s Peach Basil Jam is really the greatest jam in South Carolina created exclusively to pair with Charleston’s favorite biscuits. Handmade in small batches nearby, This jam combines ripe summer peaches with freshly picked basil that tastes fresh from the fields.