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Seattle Seed Co Parsley -dark green Italian

Seattle Seed Co Parsley -dark green Italian

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Very hardy, dark green, disease resistant, full flavored and sweet. Farm Original Variety from Oregon. Parsley seeds can be difficult to start, but don't be discouraged! They often take three to four weeks to germinate and then grow very slowly. Soak the seeds in warm water overnight before planting.

Parsley grows best in cool soil and will tolerate some shade. In hot climates the plants will benefit from afternoon shade. Although you can start harvesting parsley any time, you can expect the plants to mature in about 75 days.

Parsley doesn't have a problem with cold temperatures. In the fall, you can use or store what you need, and leave the plant right in the ground. Even in cold parts of the country you should be able to go outside on Thanksgiving Day and pick some - even if you have to shovel snow off the plants.