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Seattle Seed Co Tomato-Garden Peach

Seattle Seed Co Tomato-Garden Peach

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71 days - Open-pollinated. Indeterminate. For well over a century savvy gardeners have brought Peach's little fruits indoors before frost to keep for several weeks. 2 oz. yellow fruits blush pink when ripe and have thin fuzzy skins somewhat like peaches. Relatively early, prolific, soft-skinned, juicy and very sweet. Light fruity taste is not what you'd expect in a tomato.

Tomatoes are the royalty of the garden and the kitchen. They're the country's most popular garden vegetable by a mile. Follow these simple planting rules to grow delicious homegrown tomatoes:

Be sure you have a place where they can get enough light. Even a sunny, south-facing window is barely adequate. Consider using a grow light to supplement sunlight.
Don’t start plants too early. Sow seeds indoors 6 to 8 weeks before transplanting outside. Plant them 1/8 inch deep in sterile seed starting mix in flats or cells. Seeds germinate best at 75 F to 90 F. Then grow transplants at about 70 F.

Don’t rush to transplant, as cold soil and air temperatures can stress plants. Wait at least a week or two after the last frost. Nighttime temperatures should be consistently above 45 F.

Harden off plants before transplanting by reducing water and fertilizer, not by exposing to cold temperatures, which can stress them and stunt growth. Transplants exposed to cold temperatures (60 F to 65 F day and 50 F to 60 F night) are more prone to catfacing.

Unlike most plants, tomatoes do better if planted deeper than they were grown in containers. Set them in the ground so that the soil level is just below the lowest leaves. Roots will form along the buried stem, establishing a stronger root system.